AnnMarie Espina

AnnMarie Espina

ADHD Coach

AnnMarie is the Founder and CEO of the ADHD Business University (ABU). ABU is globally the first university designed specifically for the ADHD entrepreneur.

The program helps ADHD entrepreneurs go from made-for-more entrepreneur to a powerful CEO with a proven formula of ADHD transformation, habits and systems for the easily distracted entrepreneur, step-by-step sales and marketing AND building out your squirrel collaborations. All while having tons of fun, creating huge impact and helping them build the business of their dreams.

AnnMarie is The Leader in ADHD Transformation for Entrepreneurs and she is passionate about helps leaders in business to learn how to use the power of ADHD for success in their businesses. She loves to help others release themselves from the social stories of ADHD that are holding them back so they can step into their power and achieve their wildest dreams!

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