Jess Dubose

Jess dubose

ADHD Coach

Jess helps CEOs & leaders who have ADHD learn to own and love
their superpower so they can live freely and abundantly.
She dooes Executive Coaching in an interpersonal way. She helps her
clients get to their next level so their business (and/or life) can reach the next level.

Jess DuBose lives in Portland, Oregon with her tuxedo cat, Eli. She "collects ADHDers" as she likes to put it. Her professor in college conducted an ADHD simulation and at the end of it he said, "It's not that they (people with ADHD) can't pay attention, it's that they pay attention to everything."
Since then, Jess has been fascinated with the ADHD brain and has been a sponge learning all about it. She has been married to, lived with and has many friends with ADHD.
Jess specializes in holding space for others to truly be as they are.
One of her favorite phrases is, "all of you is welcome here." She listens without judgment, hearing not just what you are saying but also the subtext. She is able to mirror back interesting insights with genuine curiosity. She loves to celebrate the f*ck out of her clients and really see them win. Her programs are geared toward helping her clients learn how to let their ADHD work for them rather than against them.

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