Jody Long

ADHD + Life Coach

As a wife, mom of three, and someone with ADHD and depression, I understand what it's like to be chronically overwhelmed and to feel like you'll never fit the "ideal" female mold. I know the sense of defeat that comes from constantly living below your potential. 

It blows my mind that our brain is the most powerful tool on the planet and yet no traditional education teaches us how to use it (especially an ADHD brain:). The truth is that organizing your life will always be an uphill battle until you understand and organize your unique brain. 

I'll teach you the basics of mind management, help you untangle harmful conditioning and limiting beliefs, and help you see how those beliefs are keeping you stuck.

I teach simple, powerful tools to help you rewrite your story and live on purpose through retraining your brain. You'll learn to harness your strengths (your ADHD superpowers) to overcome challenges and work around your deficits. I'll even teach you what I call The Self Coaching Model so that you can coach yourself any time, anywhere.

All of this and more is done within my Firm Foundation Program. A combination of weekly, one-on-one coaching with me and access to a private content page with essential videos, a guidebook, and more. 

It’s based on the work I’ve done on myself and I can honestly say that I no longer believe my ADHD holds me back from what I want in life and who I want to be.

I want every woman to know that THERE IS NO IDEAL MOLD and that what sets them apart is part of their genius. I want YOU to see yourself as the powerful, unique human that you are. Let's do this!


B.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Utah State University

Life Coach Certification through The Life Coach School

Additional Certification in Faith-Based Coaching through Jody Moore Coaching

Up to date in Suicide Prevention training

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