Liliya Engelke

ADHD Coach

Liliya is a Holistic ADHD coach who, after getting her own ADHD & Anxiety diagnosis in adulthood, decided she wanted to help women thrive with theirs. Using her 6 years of experience in exercise and nutrition, and her Masters in Psychology specializing in human behavior, her mission is to help ADHDers understand how their brains work and how their environment can work for their symptoms, while also helping then build habits and skills in a variety of areas in life.

As someone who has experienced first- hand what eating well, exercising regularly, and creating small actionable steps can do to help improve ADHD and anxiety symptoms, Liliya is passionate in taking a WHOListic approach to coaching. In addition to habit coaching, she uses her Health and Wellness background to evaluate her clients overall health and works with them to create nutrition and exercise habits they enjoy, because a healthy body leads to a healthy brain. “I’m a believer that the behaviors we do every day have been developed over time through a reward and punishment system which shapes us into the humans we are, whether it’s teaching us to mask our ADHD or be our authentic selves.

she helps women determine their past history of learning and work together on putting an end to anything that reinforces their inauthentic self. We’ve gone too long pretending we’re neurotypicals, time to step out of that shell and create systems!” On her free time she enjoys spending time with her 3 fur babies and husband, watching funny shows, or playing board games. She’s very outdoorsy and loves taking walks, hiking, and traveling to the mountains.

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