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Nicole Baumgartner

ADHD Clini Coach

Hey there! I’m Nichole. Professionally speaking, I’m a licensed therapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, and Clini-Coach®. Less professionally speaking, I’m a lover of nature, a mom of two boys, a terrible cook, and a woman with ADHD.

Getting proper treatment has been life-changing. The validation of diagnosis plus my unique lenses on life has led me to learn how to work with my ADHD brain, heal shame, and find empowerment, acceptance, and self-love.

You can't cure your ADHD, but we can stop fighting so hard against it and heal our relationship with ourselves.

I’m here to help you understand your brain, heal shame, and stop feeling like you have to hide or be in a never-ending cycle of trying to fix yourself. (Spoiler alert: you’re not broken, so you don’t have to be fixed. You just need a map, compass, and supplies to better navigate your way.)

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