Nicole Miles
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Nicole Miles

ADHD Parent Coach

Nicole Miles lives in Utah with her 3 ADHD boys, crazy dog and husband. Nicole has a background in psychology and a master's degree in Special Education.

She is a mom with ADHD raising 3 kids with ADHD. 9 months out of the year you can find her at a baseball field with her boys. She loves the ocean and all things french. She is a parent coach for families with ADHD.

She became a coach so she could share her years of experience in the schools and parenting ADHD kids with other parents who are struggling. She focuses on education about ADHD, problem solving and setting up systems for home and school, and helping parents become great advocates for their ADHD children.

She understands what it is like to parent children with ADHD and she believes children with ADHD can THRIVE at home and at school with the right support.

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