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Sarah Dopp

Queer ADHD Coach

Hi, I’m Sarah Dopp, a certified ADHD coach and the founder of Queer ADHD! My pronouns are she/her, and I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As with the other coaches at Queer ADHD, my coaching style is positive, optimistic, empathetic, and grounded in an understanding of how the ADHD brain functions. We will help you clarify your priorities and goals, and we’ll work with you to develop strategies and track your progress. We will treat you as the expert on your own brain and experiences, and we’ll find and celebrate your insights and accomplishments together. My toolkit for ADHD support strategies is continually expanding.

I was trained as an ADHD coach through ADDCA, and received their AACC certification. I’m also working toward certifications with the ICF and PAAC

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