Tina madsen

ADHD + Hypnoses Coach

Most of my clients have ADHD, whether it’s diagnosed or not. As someone with this gift too (yep, you read that right) I provide loving - yet butt-kickin’! guidance and help you ditch the story, so often deeply ingrained by society and our peers, that living with a mental health diagnosis is something to feel embarrassed about.

Because in reality, every part of who you uniquely are is going to help you flourish. 

Together, we’ll look at the BS stories of negativity and scarcity that you’ve adopted – then release them once and for all, so that you can step into true, empowered confidence. 

Once that’s out of the way, we’ll harness the power innate in your perfectly-wired brain, s that you can kick ass, make moves, and experience the true freedom that comes from knowing your living in your highest potential.

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